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Rat Facts
Rat Control South Woodham

The rat was first recorded in Europe at the beginning of the 18th Century. They were referred to as Norway rats because they were thought to have traveled from the East on Norwegian timber ships.

Rats must drink water daily unless the food source is extremely moist. Rats are considered omnivorous but if available, cereals seem preferred. Rats eat on average one tenth of their body weight each day. A rat will explore locations quite freely. However, rats do have a fear of new objects.

Rat Control

Prior to carrying out treatment against rats, a thorough inspection or survey of the property, site or area will take place to decide on the extent and size of the rat infestation. Adjoining areas should also be included in this survey. Following the survey, (having established which species of rat is present) a baiting programme should be established. The operative will present a rodenticide to the rat without endangering non-target animals or man. Each infestation will not only be different but will change daily, even hourly in this aspect and this should be taken into consideration when carrying out the site assessment. With these points in mind, the baits should be out of site and not accessible if at all possible.

Rat harbourages are usually sub-floor and loft areas therefore bait laid in these areas should have little likelihood of being accessed by humans and non-target animals. If at all possible, use the larger tamper-resistant rat bait boxes. Important considerations in domestic rat infestations are how the rats gained access to the building. Proofing may well be required. If no proofing faults are found then a drain/sewer fault needs to be explored and rectified. Adjacent premises should also be checked for proofing and/or drain faults. Rats are reluctant to nest indoors.

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